Red Collagen Hydrating Cream

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No matter the season, your skin craves rich, deep hydration — the foundation of a beautiful, healthy complexion. Our Red Collagen Hydrating Cream quenches skin’s thirst with comforting moisture and nourishment, serving as the ultimate opponent for dry skin. Red Algae and Collagen are versatile and effective enough to keep all skin types deeply hydrated, creating a radiant blank slate.

Key Ingredients :
Red Algae
Revitalizing & moisturizing, a natural source of polysaccharides to help protect skin, replenish its moisture levels and keep it hydrated.
Hydrating & firming, a vital ingredient for holistic health as the most abundant protein in the body and the major component of connective tissues
Camellia Japonica Flower Extract
Moisturizing & revitalizing, extract from flowering plant with benefits for supple skin and lustrous hair 

Benefits: Hydrating, Brightening, Softening 

  1. At the last step of skincare routine, pat a small amount of product onto face and neck until it is fully absorbed
Red Collagen Hydrating Cream
Red Collagen Hydrating Cream