My Why.

I am recently married to my love and my life, Steve Hill (aka Boo Bear). We were married on July 4, the anniversary of our first date, in a surprise wedding. We tricked all of our friends and family :)! Steve has been a police officer for more than 20 years and I couldn't be more proud to be his wife and a police wife! We have a dog named Sadie, we call her Sadie Boo, and two cats, Dick and Terrence.

Our customers have been part of our lives and our boutique for 3+ years now. They have watched us date, get engaged, hold a surprise wedding and build our new home in St. John, IN. We love our customers, they aren't just customers, they are family. We owe them everything, and we hope we provide the best service we can to thank them for it. 

About Wanderlux.

WanderLux is an online and in-person fashion boutique for women of all sizes including petite and plus-sized women clothing. We serve the free spirit in all women. We support fair trade artisans from around the world. We support fair trade partners and the women artisans in India who are employed by them. These partners ensure that these women are paid fairly, have a safe work environment and are provided healthcare. 

Erica has been an entrepreneur in the past as a professional photographer for more than 10 years and also an online fashion retailer for almost 4 years.